Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls fit in to Girl Shapes

Probably the best thing you'll ever see

Keeping Cool Commercial

Live News Coverage Of 1987 L.A. Earthquake

See if you can spot the Ron Bergundy of the news team.

I'll Bet Anybody $1,000 That This Was Over When The Cameras Were Off

Classy Couple

Is egging seriously a criminal offense? Seriously?

Steve Martin on the Dating Show (1968)

Girl in a Clean Hotel Room (Viral)

Paedophile gets Angry at Reporter

Fabric Softner Commercial

Handicapable of Kicking your Ass

Freudian Slippers

Album Covers Made in Lego

all 20 HERE

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bunnies Are Not Cute -- They Are Cold-Blooded Killers

Old People vs. Bicycle Hippies

The chaos starts about 1:00 into the video.

Not sure which group of people are worse: Old people, or bicycle hippies.

What A Conversation!

Who Wants To Play Human Skittles?

Zookeeper - 0; Kangaroo - 1

The slow motion is priceless.

George Galloway vs. SkyNews

Another Condom Ad

Chewbacca Gets Tasered

Chocolate Condoms

Is It Illegal To Be A Lesbian?

Personal Jetpack

A personal jet pack has been the star attraction at a US experimental aircraft show. Its creator Glenn Martin says it's designed for 30 minute flights and claims it could be the future of commuting.

Batman Villain Born In India

Read more about Two Face HERE

Hi Folks, Meet Kevin -- The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Player Ever

BEWARE OF ROBOTS -- "Human" Robot Has Feelings

Childlike Heart Robot has a beating ticker, a “breathing” chest and sensors that respond to movement, noise and touch. Read more HERE

Pregnant Prostitute Ring

The undercover bust went down at a Lake Ozark area hotel after the sheriff's department received several reports that pregnant women were advertising prostitution on an internet advertising site. Read more HERE

Best Horse Race Anouncing

Snickers Commercial

aparently this was pulled off the air

Bendy Bus

Earthquake Tips

Casual - Short Film

Hippos Licking Crocs

Draw on Sponge Cake

Audio Illusion

Great Ad

Bad Wheelie

Indoor Motorcycle Wheelie Goes Bad - Watch more free videos