Friday, June 6, 2008

Sliip-N-Slide with Ramp (and Jetski)

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Converse NBA Rapping Ad from the 80's

Roomba Turns into Pacman

Black metal prank call

British Shin Kicking

This seems to be a followup to that cheese rolling

Pretty Good Craigslist Ad

Midnight Music Party -- Hamza el Din

BEWARE OF ROBOTS -- Creepy Robot Has Intelligence Of A Baby

Holy fuck! Run for your lives!


I'm Going Out To Buy A Wii Fitness Right NOW!

Is This Cheating?


Fire Rider

He's Just Trying To Help

I like how he keeps reassuring everybody else that "they just don't know."

Might Be The B(r)e(a)st Ad Ever

Charlie the Unicorn

MS Paint Album Covers


Vertical Waterslide with Loop

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Classic I Stumbled Upon

Just Like Everybody Else In Many Ways (Except ONE)

Man Tries To Be A Bird

Happiest Video or Saddest Video?

I wish the horse had quick access to a gun as well.

Midnight Music Party -- Mindless Self Indulgence

Baghdad Tourism Commercial Pitches

Smell Yo Dick - Music Video (Riskay)

Stephen Hawking in TV Commercial

i guess being the smartest guy in the world isn't working out...?

The Crippled Masters (1979) trailer

This genre never took off

Learn How To: Make Spiders Out Of Scissors

Visit the site HERE

Japanese Pop Culture

You can find more creepy things and other awesome Japanese stuff HERE

Rap Lyrics Made Into Mathematical Equations

Find more HERE


Honeyshed offers streaming of a seemingly non-stop fashion/culture variety show. You can watch hot girls talk about useless crap all day long HERE

Houses Of Worship -- Brooklyn, NY

See more places to worship "god" in Brooklyn, NY HERE

New Art From Old Art

Pretty awesome photo art. Find more HERE

News Anchor Blooper...Rather Accusingly

This is by far my favourite blooper, ever.

Wolf Blitzer Deals with Elaborate Prank Call

Fox Anchor's Cock Obsession (Blooper)

Creepy Pencil Short Film

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Midnight Music Party -- Bassnectar

Knob Jockey

Prank Game Show

Rotating House

Church Singer - Watch more free videos

uh... all of this is amazing... but you'll NEED to watch from 1:10 onward

Butt-Satisfying Car Dealer

Live Report in Redneck Country

DJ your Own Electro-Pop Mix Live

The Art of the Shiv (Shank)

See all 12 HERE

Photography collection of different Shanks

Justice Music Video



more HERE

Wooden Mirror

more on it HERE

Famous Photos Remade in Lego

all HERE

Weird (trendy?) Home Design


Changing Hillary

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Rollercoaster Fun

Midnight Music Party -- Real McCoy

Watch Closely

Bikers Airbag

Does it come with an opera soundtrack?

Become An Insectitarian, Save The Planet

How Does That Feel?

The "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" Vest

Dummy Dumb Dumb-head

Clothing Line Promoting Abstinence (aka. Worst Idea EVER)

Visit the K-Mart site HERE


Video Production Company

Makapakka Kids Show

Children's Drawing Recreated in Photos

all HERE

Sad Stormtrooper

I havn't seen any of these movies, but despite that... i like this.

P-Mate : Helping Ladies Urinate Standing Up

Monday, June 2, 2008

Midnight Music Party -- X-Clan

I Did This Yesterday. It Works.

Spelling Bee Faint

I Can Do That


Kid Faints At Speech with Schwarzenegger

I Want To Be An On-Air Personality On The Home Shopping Network


BEWARE OF ROBOTS -- Robots Replace Humans In Live Music Performance

Japanese carmaker Toyota has unveiled a robot that plays the violin. The 152cm tall all-white robot, uses its fingers to push the strings correctly and bows with its other arm.


Biggest Nose In The World?

Attack Of The Drink Machine

Zip Line Over South Africa

Soap Dispenser Marketing


Superhero Toy Commercials (60s & 70s)

I think my favourites are Falcon ("the winged black superhero") and Electroman - who's special power is to sound warnings.

Worst Pitch Ever