Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank You Nintendo

Glenn Beck Sucks

Now, he has fallen down the stairs. Unfortunately, there is no video of it, but read more HERE

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tampon Arts & Crafts

more HERE

Coke Bottle Jet-Pack

Mariko Takahashi's Fitness Video

Before and After Boob-job Database
Select what size you are... and what size you want to be... and where you are... it'll look up photos in a database that match your search.
Promotion for surgery...but...this is sort of just porn is a way.

Seattle Art Cars

I hate cars, but I like art. I'm torn.

See more at the Seattle Art Cars site HERE

Worst Idea Ever

The Diva Cup
An alternative

McDLT Commercial (80's)

Jason Alexander's Career highlight

MGM "The Art Gallery" Cartoon

Tatto Skull Guy

Christian E-Cards
weird... and shitty.

Skittles "Touch" Commercial

Obviously the Best Fight Scene Ever

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Japanese Commercial for Choco Party

Good! Good!

Girl Swallows Balloon


What Some Old Dead Celebrities Would Look Like Today

also Hitler & Bruce Lee...HERE

CNN t-shirt promotion

CNN seems to be working on a tshirt ordering site, that prints off headlines from when/where you saw it on their site... HERE.

3D Animated Guy

I think we all have a cousin like this, somewhere.

Boston NBA Championship Riots

when they lose, they smash stores with traffic lights

Good Prank?

"I'm Voting Republican"

School Yearbook Omits All "Challenged" Students

Burger King In Britain Sells $200 Burgers

Fast Food Giant's Creation Made Of Japanese Wagyu Beef, Truffles & Onions Fried In Cristal Champagne. READ ON

B(r)e(a)st Ad Ever?

Nipple Cam

Every Hour a Woman is Abused Ad Campaign

Eggman Playground Challange